July 16, 2012


Dean Koontz, 2009
Written to thrill, the
only thrilling part was how
fast I finished it

My brother and I both finished this book over Christmas break. When he finished I got a text from him that read: Breathless? More like Pointless... Sadly, I felt the same. I had had high hopes, knowing Dean Koontz to be a prolific writer of thrillers, but I felt more like I'd been messed with; like I was supposed to care, but couldn't really find a reason to.

I'm not saying the book was awful, just that I was disappointed by the mechanics the author employed. I was totally interested for most of the way, but by the last 25% I could tell that I was not going to get the ending I felt had been promised to me. New plotlines were introduced way too late in the book, and the wrap-up on major plotlines proved to be giant letdowns. (R)

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