October 1, 2012

Eat, Pray, Love

Elizabeth Gilbert, 2006
A divorced tourist
discovers pleasure, peace, and
love through her travels

A sort of last-minute book club choice, I was kind of excited to read a modern autobiography, as I've been a little caught up in the 19th century lately. And although she's somewhat raunchy and vulgar at times, Elizabeth Gilbert is a phenomenal writer. She could be writing about the most tedious experience (which may or may not include the "India" portion of her book) and I would still find her voice completely captivating.

She has a way of describing a location, or a meal, or an occurrence that gives me the ability to smell, taste, and feel my way through a book, which supposedly is one of the marks of a good writer; and yet with some of the modern fiction I've read lately, I'm not quite sure that many of those are actually still in existence. Someone please...prove me wrong. (R)

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  1. That's interesting... I started the book and was not too excited about her writing style... gave it up actually. Maybe I'll give it another go.