September 16, 2012


Johanna Spyri, 1880
An innocent girl
brings light to her grandfather's
life in the mountains

It's not an uncommon story: the young orphan girl coming to live with older relatives and suddenly brings happiness back into their lives. These girls are often a bit mischievous (Anne Shirley, Pollyanna Whittier, etc.) and maybe even silly at times, but in the end they win over the hearts of not only their adopted family, but also everyone else they come in contact with.

However well-worn the plot, I will probably always enjoy these stories. They are simple and happy, but at the same time remind readers of what it's like to be a child again and how one person really can have a profound impact on the lives of others. Such a profound impact in fact, that I remember actually wanting to be an orphan at one time during my childhood. (G)

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