January 1, 2013


Eleanor H. Porter, 1913
The hearts of one town
are changed forever just by
learning to be glad

This is one instance where I have to claim that the film adaptation was better than the book. In fact, I was "glad" I had seen the movie version, or I probably wouldn't have liked the book as much as I did. I found the characters more relatable in the film and the story more interesting overall. In the book the characters felt a little flat, even forced and a little silly at times.

In the end though, the same message was plainly showcased: that looking for the good in all things can truly make hard times bearable. It's about the importance of optimism, of finding the positive and learning to accept that our lives are what we make of them and how we choose to live them can make a huge difference in determining how happy we really are. (G)

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